How can I manage my stress/anger right now?

Question by …..: How can I manage my stress/anger right now?
I am so angry and in so much stress right now and I do not know how to deal with it. I am so angry I feel like I am going to go in a self destructive mode.I can’t talk to anyone about it. So besides talking what are some of the best things that I can do? (Serious answers please?)

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Answer by hola :]
EXCERCISE!! Go to the gym that’s the best. And use an ipod/mp3 player.

Write all of your thoughts and feelings in a notebook, things you couldn’t even tell anyone.

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6 Responses to How can I manage my stress/anger right now?

  1. OtherGuy says:

    Punching pillows, going somewhere isolated and yelling,
    or strenuous exercise may help now.

    This won’t help much right now, but could next time, if you practice:

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  2. bfly1819 says:

    Whenever I am really angry and feel like I can’t talk to anyone about it, I write in my journal. Somehow writing it out makes me feel better afterward. Or put on loud music on your mp3 player and try to listen to music til you feel better. Don’t do or say anything when you are impulsive because you might regret it later. After you’ve come down, try to think of the reason why you are so stressed and angry and consider if it’s really worth it. In my opinion, as long as you are still alive and healthy nothing else really matters that much :)

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  3. Skye says:

    do you have a hobby or something your interested in that is relaxing? if so, try doing that for a while. Have a favorite funny movie? watch it if you can. Take a long walk in the park or any nature setting. there are many ways to face anger without exploding.

    You said you can’t talk to anyone about this. if it is because you think they will judge you or not understand there is still hope. Many communities have crisis hot lines. You should be able to find this in the blue pages of your phone book under mental health services. You can also check on line for a crisis hotline in your area. Many hospitals have them. talking to someone is a very good way to ease and explore feelings of anger and relive stress.

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  4. m@nd@ says:

    do you smoke.. honestly.. a bowl of ganja might be good.. if not a cup of tea.. the sleepy time tea.. with the vulvarian root.. it helps you calm down.. my mom and i drink it when we are stressed.. maybe a book or a funny movie with that tea..

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  5. Hellbornkillaz says:

    Hug a pet(Really helpful). Go for a walk. Have some time to yourself. Listen to music.

    Do anything that makes you happy. :)

    I’d recommend going for a bike ride or a walk. Go really far. Don’t limit yourself to how far you go. Just remember how to get back. Sometimes living without limits in a legal way is a great thing to do.

    Be sure to contact me with any questions or just to talk.. :)

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  6. Pankaj says:

    Anger is a normal emotional response of the body against unpleasant incidents. Everyone gets angry at times and to some extent has a right to feel angry. Though anger is a healthy emotion of body, but in its extreme expression it can be devastating and can cause health issues. Here are 10 quick tips to manage anger and stay calm. hope it may help for you.

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