Q&A: How can I manage my stress?

stress manage
by Cea.

Question by Paigenater: How can I manage my stress?
My dad has some “issues” and my sister is just a pain in the… yeah I just don’t know how I can manage this stress anymore.

Best answer:

Answer by mercedes..
listen to muisc really loud.
or go for a run.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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6 Responses to Q&A: How can I manage my stress?

  1. chi says:

    Really, the only thing that you can do is suck it up. I am not sure how old you are right now. If you are young and still living at home, it is the best time to learn to deal with it. It only gets harder once you add marriage, bills, job and running a household. Like my dad always told me……suck it up soldier…..no one guaranteed you it would be easy. Keep it all in perspective now……it only get harder.

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  2. cheerchick says:

    its just doing what you love to do. try to get your mind off of it. go out with friends, go shopping, or go and excersise. everyone has something. but most importantly find something that will take your mind off of all the stress! believe me i know how it feels to be stressed out! being a christian i pray about it….

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  3. eyerishiz says:

    OMG, are we related!? hehe
    Sounds like the reason I quit college and moved away…far, far away.
    While some stress in life is inevitable, and quite necessary actually, living in the midst of the Twilite-
    War Zone is enough to make you feel like jumping off a cliff headfirst. Been there, I can sympathize.
    Getting out and finding time for yourself and pursuing your own interests is key to keeping your sanity. Don’t lose yourself to your family’s problems.
    Find little things to do for you-time every day: Go to the library. Get your nails done. Go to a park and hike a trail for a mile. Learn breathing techniques to reduce stress. Do whatever gives you inner peace, even if it’s just sitting alone in a locked car for 20 or 30 minutes a day (just make sure you turn the engine off and crack a window!)
    When your family members are picking at your nerves and you just can’t get away, just remind yourself that their issues don’t have to be your problem, then get away from them as soon as you can. Don’t perpetuate arguments and don’t do anything you know is going to start them. Keep your mind set on what you want out of life, and tell yourself no matter what, you’re going to be there someday. In the meantime, find what keeps you happy and calm and stick to it!

    My life took a different path than I expected it to, and even after many years there is still family drama that has to be dealt with, but as an adult I choose how to react to it all…and a positive attitude makes all the difference!!

    Good luck, and peace to you!

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  4. Heath R says:

    Hi there. You need a place to get away from it all. Somewhere peaceful that you’ll enjoy. Also, express your feelings of stress and anxiety to your family. Believe me, even if your family seems against you sometimes, they always love you, and they will help you if you truly need it. But if they want you to cope with their issues, then try and cope for a while. Comprimising is a great way to relax. When you comprimise, everyone gets what they want.
    But if the stress continues to get worse, then I would see a pshyciatrist. It’s not a shameful thing to do. Many people that have problems smaller than yours go to pshyciatrists. They will help you put order and relaxation in your life, and live peacefully.
    Hope this helps!!!

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  5. snowwillow20 says:

    Do not take on the problems of the world. Your dads issues are his. Make some alone time. Read a book, go to a park, listen to music, go for a drive (if you are old enough). Breath deeply.

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  6. Arboss says:

    Do you try made many ways to manage the strees
    . You can be like a mirror and reflect in the oposit direction (person).
    . You can be like a sponge and absorv the problem by yourself
    . You can be like a clean and cristal water that dissolve another substances.
    . You can be similar the air that is around all but not have a direct participation.
    . Last hipophise, you can be compassive, and lovely person, had a conversation and a god relationship whit all them.

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